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Fresh your heart and brain

Fresh your heart and brain

Olive trees have been around for many thousands of years. With a long history dating and old civilization , It known as one of the most important Bible foods, and best to get Fresh Brain

Olive oil is made of the olive tree, which is naturally healthy fatty acids. There are many types of olive oil on the market , including extra virgin olive oil, but research shows that extra virgin olive oil benefits are more abundant than other varieties.

Protect brain

Brain is main part of our body ,if brain work fast then our body will work fast. The brain is made of fatty acids, and we moderately high level on a daily basis to perform tasks, fresh our moods and think clearly. Like other sources of healthy fats, olive oil is known as brain food it improve focus and our fight our moods and cognitive and it protect stress and depression.

Protect heart

Olive oil is lower diet, lower cholesterol its better then fatty oils. Thanks to powerful antioxidants it protect our heart vessels , extra virgin oil is considered an anti oxidation food its save our cardiovascular. Extra virgin olive oil helps defend disease-related heart and blood vessels olive oil is basically for lower hypertension.

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