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Different people have different skin, now we talk about oily skin, how terrible is it.Oily skin means pimple, acne and permanently sticky skin. We cannot change our but possible to fight oily skin, and feel fresh. There are many cream and lotions but those are one day. We use naturally homemade face pack for oily skin. Some are there.

Orange and sugar Pack

Oranges are a complete pack of nutrients. It is best face pack for oily skin. You can dry orange peel and make powder and store it.There is a little amount of vitamin c. You can take a three tablespoon of orange juice, add one cup of sugar,one tablespoon of honey and two table spoon of olive oil and mix well scrub your face and body for fifteen minutes .you will see great result use twice a week .

Orange Peel and Yogurt Pack

Take two tablespoons of powder orange peel and mix it and add two tablespoons of yogurt. Mix it well, apply it to your face and neck. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and wash with cold water. This help to reduce acne and some other skin problems.

Orange, Lemon and Honey Pack

we can use face pack with orange peels, lemon juice and honey. Take one tablespoon of powder orange peels. Add one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey mix it well till it forms a paste. Apply it your face and neck .leave it for twenty to twenty five minutes and wash it with cold water.
Banana, and milk pack
Take a mashed banana, add one tablespoon of milk. Add two tablespoons of oats and add some amount of rose water make a thick paste. Apply this paste to your face and neck. Massage with fingers in circular motion for five minutes .wash with normal water. Your face look glow, smooth and oil free it helps to remove blackheads.
Tomatoes pack:

Tomatoes facial masks are useful to oily skin. Simply pack just mash tomatoes and apply to your face and neck area for fifteen minutes and wash it .Use this mask twice a week .your skin look healthy and it dissolve extra oil make your skin shiny.



Sweating is a most common and natural thing. It happening almost every person. Perfumes and body spray may make you smell good for few hours. But, it may cause many problems and there are many side effects of using deodorants and perfumes. It cause coughing, and burning or itching skin irritations.

It produces many health risk. Normally ladies must put on before leaving the house. There are over 500 chemicals that can be used in “fragrance” found of many products, not just perfumes and spray.it found air fresheners, fabrics, cosmetics, candles, and many other things. It can also be harmful for us. Teenage are inter in risk zone due to common use. 

Such harmful causes are there.

  1. It may cause skin problems, allergies and also heart problems.
  2. Perfume and sprays cause high risk for breast cancer and other illness.
  3. It of fen cause sneezing, watery eyes.
  4. It also cause Asthma.
  5. New born babies skin allergies and also darker arms.

So please avoid miss use of sprays and perfumes.

Ronaldo best Goals – Good human being

Ronaldo Best Goals – such a nice human being

halal rizq Faisal Raza Abdi

Fresh your heart and brain

Fresh your heart and brain

Olive trees have been around for many thousands of years. With a long history dating and old civilization , It known as one of the most important Bible foods, and best to get Fresh Brain

Olive oil is made of the olive tree, which is naturally healthy fatty acids. There are many types of olive oil on the market , including extra virgin olive oil, but research shows that extra virgin olive oil benefits are more abundant than other varieties.

Protect brain

Brain is main part of our body ,if brain work fast then our body will work fast. The brain is made of fatty acids, and we moderately high level on a daily basis to perform tasks, fresh our moods and think clearly. Like other sources of healthy fats, olive oil is known as brain food it improve focus and our memory.it fight our moods and cognitive and it protect stress and depression.

Protect heart

Olive oil is lower diet, lower cholesterol its better then fatty oils. Thanks to powerful antioxidants it protect our heart vessels , extra virgin oil is considered an anti oxidation food its save our cardiovascular. Extra virgin olive oil helps defend disease-related heart and blood vessels olive oil is basically for lower hypertension.

Free Wi-Fi Services available for some of Punjab’s cities

The Govt. of Punjab declaring free Wi-Fi services in Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Multan at some public places and in some Govt. buildings.

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has approved to give free Wi-Fi facility at educations institutions, railway stations, airports, hospitals, metro bus and at bus stands as well.

Wi-Fi Services will be provided in Lahore, 115 public places included 12 parks, 17 main markets and 20 colleges. Said Dr. Umar Saif (The head of Punjab Information Technology Board).

Many projects have been started by PITB, like online web service for monitoring of schools in Punjab, and also for collection of TAX of Punjab Police Force. Modernization of the provinces is actually the responsibility of Govt.

We should move fast regarding IT solutions especially in Pakistan, and we have very good talent in Pakistan Govt should take step to find best talent in Pakistan, Of course the Pakistani’s youth is very progressive.


When we taking about Islamic festival most common are Muharram, Eid ul fitar, Eid ul azha and Eid milad un nabi (S.A.W).Today is Eid milad un nabi (S.A.W).

Eid milad un nabi (S.A.W) is dedicated to PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) and his kindness for all our the world. This day is also called MILAD, people sing naats and hamds, and also illuminate there houses. Government and private buildings are also illuminated in very beautiful way, children wear new cloths.
Mosque are also illuminate with beautiful lights ,it highlights the teaching of MUHAMMAD (S.A.W).

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